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Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine Rosette

  • Ursula Smith
  • May 13, 2011
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This project was the brain child of Karen Provost,  my uber-creative, co-teacher for the Fresh and Fabulous class I teach, monthly, at Ink About It. I was super excited to try this project, even though it involved sewing, and Karen knows I HATE sewing- sorry Mom ;-). Actually, the sewing wasn’t so bad and Karen was shocked that I knew what a running/basting stitch was- thanks Mom ;-).

I followed Karen’s directions, which will be posted on her blog Creativity Cake soon. Karen’s sample used the Kraft Glassine un-colored, but crumpled so it had texture, and it looked gorgeous. I decided to try to make mine a bit more shimmery. When the rosette was finished, I dusted it with turquoise and green  Perfect Pearls powder (a generous amount) and spritzed heavily with water so that the Perfect Pearls Powder beaded up on the waxy surface of the glassine. Then I used a heat gun to dry the water, leaving this shimmery, spotted texture behind! I finished the center and edges with a bit of Stickles glitter glue. I think this makes a great embellishment!! Enjoy!!

Kraft Glassine Rosette 1

Kraft Glassine Rosette 2