Jewelry Care Instructions?

All of my jewelry pieces are handmade with the exceptions of some findings, stringing materials etc. I use a variety of media- some of which are more delicate than others. My pieces are generally designed to be more of a statement piece than a regular, every day piece of jewelry. Most of my items are not designed for wearing in the shower, swimming, wearing during workouts, etc. Using cleaners and alcohol or any abrasive cleaner is not advised. The only exception is using a polishing cloth on metals like brass, copper and silver.

Some items are very fragile (stones, glass, ceramic) and care should be taken with them. I do protect any paint I use in my processes with a sealer, but this can wear off and scrubbing or rubbing or getting wet will accelerate the process. 

I do not protect patinas with an sort of sealant so cleaning the jewelry may remove any patina. Also all patinas will continue to age and darken and so the patina may change over time.

I do not seal metals to prevent patina. The metals I use-copper, brass, Sterling Silver and to a much lesser extent Fine Silver-  will naturally patina. It is your choice to let it darken with age and use, or use a polishing cloth to clean, but if you choose to clean, please be aware that could change the patina and alter the look of the piece as it was originally.

I hope you have fun wearing this jewelry and bringing out the artfulness in your soul!

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