Versafine Transfers with Rubber Stamps using Gel Du Soleil and Ranger Craft Sheet

I absolutely adore transfers, but sometimes creating them can be a real drag- a very time consuming process, not to mention that it is a bit more difficult to work with stamped images. Not impossible, but certainly not a painless procedure either. And I always seem to be left with bits of paper on the transfer, so it is not quite as clear as I would like. Plus, for those who don’t know me very well, I have NO patience!! I like to do things FAST- because I have so little time usually :)!

This is a technique that I came up with while playing around with gel mediums and transfers. When I was introduced to the UV Curable gels, I wondered if the same technique would work with those mediums :idea:.  I tested it to see if it worked with one of these- Gel du Soleil. It worked perfectly!! No more layers of gels, no more leftover lint! If you have ever worked with transfers, you know what I mean :D.

For this technique you need a Ranger Craft sheet and Gel Du Soleil. I have not tested with Lisa Pavelka’s Glos Magic, but will try it and update this with the results.  I also mention in the video, and I alluded to it earlier, that a similar approach can be taken using Gel Mediums. I also wonder if it would work with epoxies- the two part kind? Hmmmm- another experiment to try!

I hope you enjoy my way of making transfers with Rubber Stamps!

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