Wax Seal Finished

Wax Seal Trick

Hi everyone! Well I missed editing and posting a series that I planned on doing last Halloween, and I missed it again!! So today I am posting something that hopefully with be helpful for the Holiday season!

I had purchased one of those little wax melters to use with wax seal making- the kid that looks like a tiny crock pot with a little ladle. I had thought at the time it would be cool to do on the back of Holiday cards. Well, when I actually tried to make a seal,
it took forever! It takes a while to melt the wax pellets and after it’s melted, pouring the wax only gets some of the wax out of the little ladle from the pot.

And then you’ve got to wait till the ladle cools to peel all the wax back out to start the next one (unless you are using the same color). However, I had a silicone mat, which is heat friendly, to pour the wax into to make the round shape. And I thought “why don’t I put my pellets directly into the recesses in the silicone mat, and then use my heat gun to melt them”. And it worked!

My heat gun is an ancient Stampin Up one, but it did just fine heating the pellets till they melted. I placed the wax beads into the recesses of the silicone mat, melted the beads, and then stuck my seal stamp into the recess on top of the melted wax. After it cooled, the stamp pulls out and the wax just peels right out.

Wax Seal Melting
Wax Seal Melting
Wax Seal Pulling it out of the Silicone Mat
Wax Seal Pulling it out of the Silicone Mat
Wax Seal
Wax Seal

A couple of tips:
– use silicone utensils. Mats, spatulas etc. They are heat friendly and the wax just peels right off so little to no cleanup is necessary!
– Any of the little bits of wax you peel of can be reused. Just stick them in the recesses along with the wax beads.
– Stir the wax as you are melting it to make it go faster.
– Don’t rush pulling out the stamp, although if you mess up you can re-melt that seal and start over. Time you first attempts so you know how long to wait.

At the end of the video I actually do demonstrate the entire process so you can see it start to finish. Enjoy!

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