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What’s on Your WorkDesk- WOYWW

Recently an Artist friend of mine- Lori Moon mentioned a site, Stamping Ground that is having a blog hop about what’s on your work desk. I have wanted to blog about my craft space (I call it my lab), for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to that. The other half of my lab is my office with all my computesrs and digital “toys”. I had my camera sitting right there, I had my latest projects scattered on my desk, so I thought- why not?

I have been experimenting with foiling using my laser printer (Xerox Phaser 6280), and the Black Cat Foil Master (I will write more on this in another post), drawing for an online class I am taking (Life Book with Tamara Laporte) and scanning in pictures for use in my blog. You can see all those projects spread out on my desk. I am so a pile-er, not a file-er! If it isn’t out, within site, I won’t get to it or I will forget about it!! So needless to say, my office is a bit messy &#59;)

But I know where everything is- really, truly, well mostly &#59;)

So, on this Wednesday in January- What’s on Your Work Desk?

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