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Wool Felting and Walnut Ink

  • Ursula Smith
  • January 9, 2014
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This Holiday season, I learned how to felt. I watched a couple of youTube videos, bought myself some wool roving, wool felt, and some felting needles and had a go at it. Based on some wine toppers I bought (and which they ran out of, thus the quest for learning to felt!), I made these wine toppers:


Wool Felt Wine Toppers

Felted Wine Toppers


I bought some wool felt and decided to try to do some fun things with it. First, I coated it with Golden Digital Medium, let it dry and ran it through the printer. The hardest thing was getting it to actually run through the printer. I finally had to use the manual rear feed in order to get it to go through. But it looked kind of cool-


Printed Felt Digital MEdium

The stuff that looks like printer lines is actually tiny text. I would get rid of that next time I tried this technique.

The next thing I decided to try was to transfer onto it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the background before I cut it up and turned it into an ATC. But the snowman pieces are wool felt that stick onto the background felt (green with blue snowflake background transferred onto it. All I had to do was use the felting needles to punch through and get the wool pieces to stick. No glue involved. BTW- these were all cut with my Accucut! It cuts wool felt beautifully!!


Wool Felt Transfer ATC


Finally, I decided to spray it with ink. I was going to use Dylusions, but the walnut ink was out so I used that instead. I sprayed through one of my stencils and viola! Fun patterned felt. Now, me thinks I need to gelli art on felt 😉

Dylusions Spray on Wool Felt

Felt sprayed with ink through stencil
I love wool felt, and can’t wait to do more things with it!! Enjoy!