Word Rubber Stamps- How I cut mine

I was putting together my new Wedding Word Stamps the other day, and I thought I would take a picture of them. This way, you can see how I cut them and arranged them in order to offer the most flexibility and even more ways to put them together.

If you look closely, I did things like cut apart the word “ISN’T”. This way, I now have the flexibility to stamp “I”, “IS” and “ISN’T”.

“MEMOR” came separately next to “MY”, which was split into “M” and “Y” so the “MEMOR” and “Y” can be used together. I can then take an “I” and “E”, of which there are extras, and put them all together with “S” and create “MEMORIES”. The “S” can come from “ISN’T” as I described earlier, or from “SHE” which breaks into “S” and “HE”.

I also split the word “BEAUTIFUL” into “BEAUT” and “IFUL” so that I could use the Y from “MY” and now have “BEAUTY” as well as “BEAUTIFUL”.

“WOMAN” breaks apart after the “WO”, so you can have “WOMAN” or “MAN”

“CHANGEDING” is actually not a word :D, it is meant to be cut as “CHANG”, “E”, “D”, “ING” so you can put together “CHANGE”, CHANGED” or “CHANGING”.

Here are my words after I mounted them (Note that I stamped the mounting foam as described in my earlier Blog post, http://www.easyscraps.com/blog/blogu.php/unmounted-stamp-mounting-idea-index):

See how many combinations you can come up with using our word stamps. I find I use these much more than alphabet sets, because it is so much easier to start from words rather than letters.

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