Yupo Paper Stencil Experiments

Hi everyone! This is just a quick youTube video explaining what I will be covering in my next few blog posts. I just described cutting Yupo paper on the Silhouette Curio in my last post- here. Yupo paper is great for stencils and masks because it is plastic and doesn’t tear as easily as regular paper. The wet media will not ruin it like it does with paper. It also cuts a LOT better than regular card stock for the intricate designs that I tend towards using, and it doesn’t leave the cutting mat covered in stone dust like the stone paper I was using in the past. Win, win! Or so I thought…

When I decided to use one of the masks as a design element in a card I was making, and wanted to color it I realized that it would be more difficult to use inks, paint and stains- especially the Distress sprays I was playing around with- because it is plastic! So the good thing about using it for stencils and masks made it not as ideal as a cutout to use in my designs, unless I wanted to stick with white. I could use alcohol ink (which I forgot to mention in the video), but I wanted to have the freedom to use other wet media to color them.

So I decided to do some experiments with these Yupo paper cutouts and blog about it. It will keep me busy during this Covid-19 quarantine 😉 .

Enjoy and stay well!!

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