All of the my Digital Downloads are for personal use only, Copyright protected and may not be reproduced in any manner without consent from me. You may use them and print them for your personal scrapbooks, cards and projects. If you wish to use a Digital Download in an item that you wish to sell, you may do so only if the following is true:

  • The item you wish to sell is a one of a kind, hand made piece of art, created by you
  • You may use the image as a supporting portion of your artwork, but not the entire piece. To that end, there needs to be at least one other image in the piece of art, that is at least half the size of my Image or larger and covers up at least half of my image. This ensures that my image is a contributing image to the artwork and not the whole piece.
    • For example, you may not use an image, add a line of text and sell that as a greeting card (or anything else).
    • You may however, as an example, use an image as a background, and paint another image over the background covering up at least half of the background.
  • You may use a portion (less than half) of the image in a collage with more than 3 other images is fine, and making framed prints of that collage is allowed
  • My images are not to be licensed for reproduction on a hard good, for example a mug, card, pillow, rubber stamp, etc except as a framed print as per the previous requirements
  • My images are not to be included in kits, either actual or virtual

If or when I sell my rubber or acrylic stamps, the Angel policy is as follows:

  • Use them in all of your artwork, both for personal use and to sell, as long as the image is hand-stamped. That is, no mechanical reproduction is permitted without Contacting Me first, and getting my permission.

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