Embossing Plate Paper

DASS Stone Paper for Stencils

Well it’s been a while since I have posted ;). I have been off learning about metal jewelry techniques and metal clay! I am having so much fun combining these new skills with the mixed media techniques that I already have been playing with! One of the things I use in all my work is stencils. And in one of my other videos I talked about the paper I use to cut on my Silhouette for use as a stencil. This is the stone paper sold by Digital Arts Studio Seminar (DASS) found here . I made a quick video showing the results of cutting the stone paper on the Silhouette. I did not use any special cutting settings- just the normal paper or card stock settings will work just fine. It cuts so much more cleanly than card stock does! For intricate designs it can’t be beat! This is coated paper so I do recommend using a separate cutting mat. The clay dust may coat your mat and make it lose its stickiness more quickly. I spray my mat with temporary adhesive spray so you might want to give that a shot on an old mat 😉 .

DASS Art sells stone paper for use in your ink jet printer and that prints really nicely, so I know buy that pack instead to use for both purposes. It is a beautiful matte surface for your ink jet prints.

And of course if you are into transfers, you should check out the transfer solutions sold by DASS Art as well.

Here’s something I made with the stencil I was cutting in the video…

Embossing Plate Paper
Embossing Plate Paper

Here is a variation on one of the stencils I showed in the video…

Medallion Flourish Background
Medallion Flourish Background


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