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Embossing with the Accucut Machine

Hello everyone! I am looking through my youTube videos and finding a bunch of videos that I never blogged about and included in my public channel. So I’m going to sprinkle my blog with some of these older videos that still work- that is the items I use are still being sold, they are still techniques I use, etc. My hair is a completely different color and I make mention of my old site (easyscraps), but I think the content is still relevant.

Here is one that will tie in nicely with an upcoming blog and video that I am currently working on.

I show the stack you need to use with the Accucut Grande Mark machine in order to emboss with a plastic stencil. You of course need the Machine itself, but then you also need the Tray Adaptor which allows it to work with thinner dies. You can find it on the Accucut site here. Make sure you get the one that matches your machine. You also need a bunch of cutting mats. They can also be found at the Accucut site here. Make sure you get cutting mats that will fit your machine and will cover your stencil.

Finally you will need a piece of foam or preferably rubber. I list one that I use down below.

An example of the results of this technique, after I colored it with some chalk, looks like:

Accucut Stencil Emboss
Accucut Stencil Emboss

Here is the (oldie, but goodie) video on embossing with the Accucut machine. Enjoy!

Sorry for the sound quality. My old camera captured lots of noise 🙁


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