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Foiling Experiments using a Laminator- Spray Adhesive

Hi everyone! I am back with another experiment with heat activated foil. I played around with other mixed media products in my previous post here. This time I decided to try spray adhesive. I am using the kind that’s permanent or repositionable.

I first sprayed through a stencil onto cardstock, and I actually did it with the stencil upside down because I wanted the stencil to have repositionable adhesive on the back. I put the stencil aside to dry, and while the sprayed cardstock was still wet, I put the foil on top. I used DecoFoil by IKraft and that did not stick to the adhesive. I didn’t leave it very long, so it might eventually stick if I left it. Instead, I put the whole thing through my laminator and it did end up sticking.

I did a terrible job of spraying through the stencil (as usual I should have taped it down probably), but that was kind of a cool idea. So then I thought that maybe I could just spray a sheet of cardstock. When you use these sprays- I didn’t realize this when I started using them, but I do this now- you should hold the can upside down and spray to clean the nozzle so it doesn’t get clogged.

And so for this experiment after I was done spraying the adhesive, I sprayed upside down onto the piece of cardstock, and then I laid foil onto that whole piece.
I tried to lift the foil up right away and again it didn’t stick well. So I pushed it back down and then ran it through the laminator. However, I was left with a section that didn’t look as nice where I had tried to lift it up (more on this later).

I loved the way this sheet came out! It almost has like a crackly look to it! I could just die cut whatever I want from this piece. But I will caution you that when I run items through the laminator I use paper carrier sheets, and some of the glue got on the paper sheets and kind of ripped them.  It’s fine because I can just grab another sheet of paper to use as a carrier sheet, but just be careful if you’re going to do this experiment this way with the glue. I wouldn’t put this through the laminator without a carrier sheet of some kind. That would not be a good idea!

In any event, if you want to give this idea a shot, I would probably let it cure first and see if potentially it would stick if you just let it sit on the adhesive for a little bit longer. It also might be different depending on which brand of glue you use?  I had the machine going so I figured I would give it a shot this way, running it through the laminator 😉 .

Foil with Spray Adhesive 2
Foil with Spray Adhesive 2

BTW it’s really hard to see in the video and pictures what the color of this foil is. The foil is actually a rose color. There’s also a section that is gold. This was the part where I started to lift the foil and it wasn’t working, so I pushed it back down, but some of the adhesive must have gotten pulled into the foil, maybe? I’m not sure what exactly ended up happening. When I pushed it back down and ran it through the laminator the rose color didn’t transfer. But then I put some gold on top and ran it through a second time. And that’s what that little gold section is.

If you’re going to do it this way I would again caution you to use a carrier sheet, and don’t lift it right away just stick the foil down and run it through the laminator. If you want to test letting it sit for a while to see if the permanent adhesive will dry and work, then I would try at least a couple of hours at first before you try lifting it off. You might want to try two pieces of cardstock- one to let sit as the test, and one to run through the laminator for instant gratification, haha.

In the video I showed a tag that I made from the rose foiled cardstock. Once you make some of these sheets, it is really fun to use them to die cut the embellishments after the fact.

Foil with Spray Adhesive Project
Foil with Spray Adhesive Project

This might be easier than making die cuts and then adding the foil, but you will waste more foil I think. Either way though, what’s better than foiled die cuts to add to your projects? 🙂


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