Frames with Wrought Iron Rubber Stamps and Floral Border Rubber Stamps

Sometimes you have a picture that you need to “tweak” in order to enable it to become a focal point on a scrapbook layout.

For instance, maybe you have a picture that has some “dead space”, like an un-interesting background. You can use stickers, or embellishments or, my favorite, rubber stamps directly on the photo to create a border and give the background a little more pizazz, like so:

Floral Rubber Stamps on Frame

If you have a smallish picture, that you would like to include on your page, but it needs a bit more prominence, you can achieve this by using a larger frame. If there is a large amount of space surrounding your photo, then try stamping the mat. This can add size and weight to your picture, and create a real focal point. Here are two examples of stamped frames:

The first uses a delicate floral border:

Wrought Iron Rubber Stamp Border on Frame

The second adds even more weight by using a larger stamp. When stamped in black, these Woodcut Scroll rubber stamps gives the illusion of Wrought Iron:

So before you discard a picture because it has a background that is plain, or because it is too small to stand out, try some of the ideas outlined here. Enjoy!

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