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Get your Cre8ive Mojo On!

As I have mentioned in a few posts, I joined up with some friend to do a collaborative sharing project where we share tips, ideas, techniques, examples and bits of our lives in order to inspire others to join us and be creative. This week Susan posted about how we all try to become unstuck and get back to creating. You can see the post on Cre8ive Klatch by clicking here.

There were lots of ideas, and mine was kind of lame- drive and read. I thought about it afterwards and realized there are other things I do to get my creative mojo on. Of course I should have mentioned that I was one of the MANY,MANY videos I know own and have learned about through Creative Clearinghouse (a site I run with one of my Cre8ive Klatch friends). Just the other day I was watching a class by Chris Cozen, and I learned something that made me want to rush to my supplies and try it!

This week is Halloween, and holidays always are inspiring. There are magazine articles, fun things in stores, and pictures on Facebook and Pinterest to inspire me. Playing around in Photoshop is another way for me to get creative. I take a photo or scanned image and I just start to play- combining, changing etc.

This week I combined a few of these techniques. I wanted to make a Halloween card for a friend on mine. I watched a quick bit of a video to refresh my mind on painting techniques, drew and painted a girl, hated her, but kind of liked the idea So I drew and painted another one. Still hated her, but I brought her into Photoshop and played.

Here was my original…

Owl Girl 2
Owl Girl 2


I had this idea of a girl with wild crazy blowing hair, with an owl on her shoulder. Then I decided I wanted her eerier, with eyeballs in her hair etc. so I brought her into Photoshop. I combined her with a stencil of mine, a background made from a Gelli Art printing plate session to give it even more texture, and added the eyes and also played with color and saturation. Here is how she has turned out so far…

Owl Girl 2
Owl Girl 2


She still needs work, but I have now run out of time since it is Halloween eve and time for Trick or Treating, but I had some fun painting and creating even if my friend never does get her card 😉 .

Happy Halloween!!!!

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