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Glittered Vinyl to Decorate your Computer

  • Ursula Smith
  • March 22, 2011
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I am having so much fun experimenting with the Oh My Vinyl I have, but sometimes you can’t get the look you want when using the vinyl “straight”. Specifically, trying to use glitter and markers etc. doesn’t always work out the same as it does on paper. (Look for more on coloring vinyl in another post) .  But I did manage to figure out a way to accomplish what I wanted. So, here is another idea for decorating your computer- I took a sheet of vinyl, a sheet of glitter paper and sandwiched them together using Inkssentials Red Liner Tape (REALLY sticky stuff!), so I was left with Glitter paper on the top, and the “sticky” side of the vinyl on the bottom.

More specifically, I took a sheet of vinyl and laid it on the table vinyl side up. I removed one side of the tape liner and adhered it to the top of the vinyl. I removed the second liner from the tape and laid a sheet of glitter paper on top. Now I took the sandwich and ran it through a die cut machine to cut a flower using Tim Holtz’ Tattered Florals die. I peeled off the vinyl backing and Voila! Glittered Vinyl!! I peeled off the vinyl backing and used the Glittered Flower to decorate an old laptop we had laying around.

I then stamped some Rosettes from Easys Scraps Wedding Rubber Stamps (http://www.easyscraps.com/Rubber-Stamps/Rubber-Stamps-for-Scrapbooks.html) onto white cardstock and colored it in with Copic markers. I repeated the sandwich steps above using the cardstock rather than the glitter paper. I cut the Rosettes out and peeled off the vinyl backing to adhere to the same computer.

Here is what I learned from playing around with trying to adhere paper to vinyl:

  • the Red Liner Tape sheet works the best to adhere paper to vinyl
  • I tried adhering paper to vinyl using Gel Medium and that did not stick as well
  • I tried using Zip Dry glue to adhere paper to vinyl and that worked OK, but can cause some buckling. So my favorite method is to use the red liner tape, but the Zip Dry can do in a pinch.
  • I cut the Rosette petals and curled some of them up to give some dimension, and it worked fine although the flatter the decoration probably the better if you are going to be carrying the decorated item around.
  • In the picture there is a Rosette on top of the Glittered Flower. Remember this is no longer just vinyl so they won’t magically adhere to each other. So to stick the Rosette to the Glittered Flower I had to use good old fashioned glue.
  • Remember- it is paper so if gets wet, rubbed etc the decoration could get ruined. But then- you can peel it off and create another one &#59;)