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Holiday Tag Ideas

My friend Gail and I had a couple of hours to play today. She had a great idea- use last year’s Holiday cards to make this year’s Holiday tags!! She cut them down using my Accucut tag dies, pulling out the most decorative parts of the cards. I think they came out so cool!! I luv’d this idea so much, that I think I am going to try to write a blog post and list ideas using Holiday Cards &#59;).

I would like to pass on a tip to you all, as you are scurrying about making last minute gift items. Like the Jolly Man, don’t forget to Check Twice!! I made a tag that I thought came out cool, and decided to give it to my friend, Karen. I decided to mount it onto a piece of card stock to give it a bit more body, but didn’t check twice before mounting. I missed the fact that one side already had printing on it, and of course that ended up on the outside, and so the tag was ruined. Well, I could mount it AGAIN, but if I had paid attention I would be done already!!

I used the Dress Form Rubber Stamp by Tim Holtz, and embossed it on the tag. Then I used Tim Holt’z tissue tape, which sticks to itself, folded it in half and used that to make a winter scarf for the dress form. Here is the result…

Sometimes happy accidents happen tho! I was working with a transfer technique onto glitter paper, and part of the image didn’t transfer. At first I thought it wouldn’t work for my project, but then when I looked at it again, rather than seeing part of the image missing, it looked like it was covered in snow! It actually worked great for a Holiday tag!

So, while you are working, remember- check twice, and you may save yourself some work. Look twice, and you may see the potential in a mistake.