Kraft Glassine and Inka Gold- What A Combination!

While playing around with the Kraft Glassine by Tim Holtz, I struck Gold! I adore this look, and wanted to share it with you, although it is much nicer to see in person :D. I apologize in advance for my poor picture taking skills!

I call this technique Gilded Glassine.

You need a couple of items-

  • Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine
  • Inka Gold (this is a very shimmery paste that you can buff onto paper, etc)
  • An applicator tool (I used the Tim Holtz applicator, but you could use a piece of foam, a sponge, or even your fingers)
  • Optionally- A spritz bottle filled with water

Take the Kraft Glassine and using your applicator, apply the Inka Gold to the Glassine, covering as much as you like. That’s it, you are finished! HaHa, well of course you know I would never stop there, but you really could stop here because the look is just so rich!!

Here is what it would look like. Note that I did this on top of a piece of Glassine and then embossed the Easy Scraps Grunge Mirror, using Distress embossing powder in Vintage Photo:


If you like a more streaky look where more of the Glassine shows through, and there are lighter streaks of gold, then you can spritz with water and blend out some of the Inka-Gold. Note that doing this immediately has better results than waiting overnight and doing it the next day. In this example, I embossed the Easy Scraps Grunge Mirror on the Kraft Glassine using clear embossing powder (Luv this!). Here are the results:

I love the way the clear embossing looks with the Gilded Glassine.

Finally, if you are creating a background, You can crumple the Glassine and then optionally ink the wrinkles with an ink pad.

I call this Gilded Grunge

Here is where I pulled the two pieces together…

Here’s another example:

If you mess up, perhaps you took off too much of the Gold- no worries! Just re-apply the Inka Gold and try again. This is such an easy technique, but it leaves you with a very rich looking background! Enjoy!!

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