Photoshop Clone Tool

Sometimes there may be something in an image that you need to get rid of. The close tool can help by essentially painting over it with bits of the background. This usually is best for a small area of your image.

I did a video capture that shows a photoshop session during which I used the clone tool to eliminate a stick figure from an image. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Make sure you are on the correct layer- go to the layers pallette and choose the layer that contains the image you want to hide AND the image you want to cover over it with (the background).
  • If the background and the image you are trying to cover are on 2 different layers- merge the 2 layers. ANother way you could handle this is to copy the 2 layers as a single layer and then choose that layer. To do this- you will choose Select->All and then Edit->Copy Merged and then Edit->Paste. The new paster layer should me moved to the top (Layer->Arrange->Bring to Front). Make sure you are on that layer in the layers pallette.
  • Now choose the clone tool.
  • Hold down the ALT key and click an area of the background that you wish to “clone” in order to paint over the ipart of the image you wish to hide.
  • Let go of the ALT key and start to paint over the image. You should see the background painting over the image.
  • I usually lower the opacity of the brush to 50-80 percent and go over the area a couple of times in order to avoid a very obvious line of demarkation.
  • Continue to use this sequence- Hold down the ALT key and click an area of the background that you wish to “clone”. Then let go of the ALT key and paint over the area that you wish to cover. Choose different areas of the background to sample from so that there is better blending.


Here is the video example of my cloning session. Note that the red dot and the little mouse image are from the video capture software- you will not see these, and I apologize for the key clicks &#59;) :

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