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Photoshop Tutorials Intro to Scanning and Layers

I made some Introductory videos to make sure you understood the basics of scanning and layering. These video’s document the process I use when working with original art and Photoshop. They are free and located on YouTube.

The first is Intro to Scanning :

NOTE: In this video I used resolutions of 300 ppi to scan and print. However, I just read an article here that indicates for printing images in multiples of their native resolution  will result in better print images.  So, some articles are suggesting that you would be better off using 360 or 720 rather than 300 or 600 if you own Epson equipment, like I do. I have not noticed a difference in image quality in the images I print, using 300, though. More info on interpolation for the techies is here &#59;). I am no guru by any stretch of the imagination, but this guy seems like he might be, so I am going to spend some time on his site- Eric Chan. Always learning!


The second is Intro to Photoshop Layers:



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