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Rubber Stamping with Tissue Paper and Gesso

Hi Everyone! I has promised a few folks that I would film the technique of using Tissue Paper and adhering it to a background. I apologize for the dis-embodied voice, but I was under the gun to try to get some examples going, in between working, getting my work out and physical therapy done, picking the kids up etc, and so my hair was AWFUL and I had no makeup on ;-).

Lots of folks use this technique in collage and art journals. I also use it for cards because I can use cool old paper as a background, and it is super simple. I, of course, stamp on my tissue paper. I also tend to use clear Gesso, rather than gel medium to adhere. I find I like the consistency better and can do watercolor washes much more easily that way. The video warns you to be careful when adhering the tissue paper, because it can tear very easily. I forgot to mention though, that the tissue also ALWAYS wrinkles. Don’t even try to smooth it perfectly. Embrace that texture- it adds visual interest to your project :)

Here’s the video:

And here is a finished example:


Rosette Rubber Stamp Sample 1
Rosette Rubber Stamp Sample 1