Yupo Light Molding Paste Distress Inks

Yupo Paper Cutouts with Light Molding Paste


Happy friday everyone!! I am starting a series on using different mediums on Yupo paper cutouts (cut using the Silhouette Curio- see my tips and tricks post on that here). The problem with using Yupo paper for cutouts, is although they cut beautifully on the Silhouette Curio, when you go to try to color them using inks or stains like my new favorite Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Sprays and Distress Stains, the ink does not dry well and so you usually end up with a slightly tinted, smeary mess of a cutout. So, I decided to try different paint mediums on the Yupo paper to see whether they would help.

I place the Yupo paper cutout on a plain piece of card stock and, with a pallete knife, spread light molding paste over the top of the cutout and the rest of the card stock. Using removable adhesive on the back of the cutout is extremely helpful in ensuring that the cutout doesn’t move like it did in my video, haha. When the background and cutout are covered to my liking, I use a pair of tweezers to lift the cutout off the background card stock. I don’t let them dry together so that I end up with 2 different pieces. I can choose to use them together or use them in 2 different projects- so I call this a two-fer. Then I let the pieces dry.

In the video, I used Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Sprays and Distress Stains to color the cutout and the background card, but you could use other inks or dyes or stains or paints. Note that I spritzed the inks onto the pieces while they were resting on another piece of plain card stock. So the impression of the cutout is left from the spray inks and I could cut/tear that away and use it in another project- a three-fer!

At the end of the video. I explain some additional coloring I did in order to turn it into a more rusty looking, vintage-like piece. I thought the colors went well with the texture of the light molding paste.

For reference, the colors I used in the Distress Oxide and Distress Spray Stains were Mermaid Lagoon, Rusty Hinge, Peeled Paint and Bundled Sage.

Here is the final piece from this experiment…

Yupo Light Molding Paste Distress Inks
Yupo Light Molding Paste Distress Inks

Here is the video that shows the experiment in action. Enjoy!!


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