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Gnome 3D Paper Embossing Plate


I’ve posted before on making your own embossing plates to emboss paper, sometimes using Yupo Paper, sometimes with a 3D printed plate, and sometimes using paint mediums. I have other posts on using paper cutouts using the accucut machine, but this time I wanted to emboss using the Sizzix Big Shot. And I wanted to try to achieve a more 3D look.

The video shows 2 different ideas- one using paper punches in the shape of snowflakes, and one using cutouts that I cut using the Silhouette Curio to make a Gnome.

Basically the idea is to use different thicknesses of paper to get progressively deeper embossed levels on your paper project. I used a single layer of cardstock on some pieces, and 2 layers on other pieces and finally 3 layers on other pieces. The multiple layers were glued together as closely aligned as possible. I show 2 different examples in the video. In the first case i just use the paper punches directly on the background paper, but with the Gnome I assembled the different layers onto a background making a sort of embossing plate. Then I roll the whole thing through the Sissix. 

These embossing “plates” obviously don’t last as long as plastic ones that you can purchase, but I’v used them at least 3 or 4 times and they do seem to hold up- even better than the Yupo paper cutouts, although those work better for more intricate designs.

Here are the examples I made in the video. The featured image shows another example I made that was only about 2 inches tall!

Gnome 3D Embossing Plate with Paper Examples
Gnome 3D Embossing Plate with Paper Examples


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