Yupo Matte Medium Distress Inks

Yupo Paper Cutouts with Matte Medium

appy New Year everyone! Here’s looking forward to a much more “normal” 2021 once all of us get vaccinated! I miss people, and classes!!

This past fall I started a series on how to color Yupo paper cutouts that I cut on my Silhouette Curio. This non-porous paper doesn’t color well with water based media like Inks and Sprays so I tried different paint mediums to coat the cutouts. This time I used Matte Medium, and the video shows the process which is pretty much the same as before. I coat the Yupo paper cutout on a piece of cardstock so that I have a chance of getting a second usable project piece out of it- a twofer.

Here is an example of a piece using the matte medium and then sprayed with the Tim Holtz Spray stains.

Yupo Matte Medium Distress Inks
Yupo Matte Medium Distress Inks

Here is the video using the Matte Medium…

If you are interested in seeing the examples using other mediums, you can see Molding Paste here and Gesso here and Tim Holtz Grit Paste here. And I still have more to come 😉


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