Yupo Ultra Matte Medium Distress Inks

Yupo Paper Cutouts and Ultra Matte Medium

Hi everyone! I’m coming near to the end of my series of using Yupo paper cut on the Silhouette Curio with different mediums to allow Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains and other water based inks to work on the porous surface without sliding off.

In this installment I use Ultra Matte medium and I did really like the result…

Yupo Ultra Matte Medium Distress Inks
Yupo Ultra Matte Medium Distress Inks

You can look back at previous posts to see how the Yupo paper works with other mediums like Light Molding Paste and Ranger Grit Paste and more.

Here is the video where I experiment with the Liquitex Ultra Matte medium on the Yupo paper cutouts…

I have one more video with Yupo paper cutouts and mediums, but I will do a lot more with the Yupo paper cutouts in the future. So enjoy and stay tuned for more Yupo paper fun!


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