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Gelli-Arts Holiday Prints

I was trying to come up with 2 cards last week- a Holiday Card and a card for a friend. I pulled out some of the new Easy Scraps stamps and started stamping and coloring. However, it just wasn’t coming along the way I would have liked it to. The “Friends” card was boring, and I couldn’t get the right mix of images and colors I wanted for the Holiday card. So, I pulled out my Gelli Arts printing plate and started making papers and then I also masked off the stamped image on one of the cards to make a cool background. Much better!! Here was one of the prints that I really liked. I loved the way the colors came out, but I wanted a bit more red and green.


Gelli-Arts Holiday Print 1


I liked this green print too.


Gelli-Arts Holiday Print 2


So I brought them both into Photoshop and combined them into something that looked like this-


Gelli-Arts Holiday Card 2012

Gelli-Arts Holiday Card 2012

My “Friends” Card meanwhile after masking the stamped/colored image, was printed using Gelli Arts for the background. I toned it down a smidge with some cream paint, and I liked the way it came out.


Gelli-Arts Friends Card 2012

Gelli-Arts Friends Card 2012


So, as usual, Gelli Arts printing plate came to the rescue!! PS- I used the Holiday Image (minus the kids pictures) on a clear bag using a transfer, and it came out so cool! I wish I had gotten a picture before I gave the gift away!!

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