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Patience is my One Little Word

For anyone that knows me well, you won’t be surprised that I have chosen the word “Patience” as my “One Little Word” for 2013. When I was a teen I remember that the parents of the kids I babysat or taught used to tell me that I had the patience of an angel. If they could only see me now!!

I have no idea what happened to my patience, but I definitely need to get me some of that! Patience is NOT my strong suit anymore- not by a long shot. I pride myself , generally, on being able to get a lot done in a day. But with that comes the inevitable- no patience for people who get in my way, slow me down, take up valuable time. You should see me in a car- it is not a pretty sight. You should see how many projects I have ruined by not waiting long enough for paint, ink, glue, etc to dry. You should see how often I lose my temper when something isn’t going my way. None of this is a good thing.

And so, this year I decided to take on “Patience” as my word for the year. To remind myself to not lose it. To count to 10. To hold my breath. Whatever it takes to hold on to those words before I yell them, stop that sigh of aggravation from escaping, wait and let the project/meeting,/conversation unfold.

Just today I was working with my Gelli Arts printing plate. Usually I go through reams of paper and come out with a nice stash of backgrounds on which to stamp, draw etc. But today, I was rushing, and not having good results. I almost packed everything up in frustration. But then I remembered my word- Patience. So, I slowed down a bit, and tried again. I took the time to try a couple of additional colors and patterns. And yes! There it was- that print with all the colors and patterns of previous prints, showing up in one awesome, serendipitous, complicated background. The kind that can’t be rushed, that can’t be planned, that can’t be duplicated.

So, yeah- patience. I am gonna get me more of that 😉

PS- I am participating in a blog hop with my Creativity Tribe friends. You can find the blog hop here . I almost didn’t add my link because I thought the page was broken. And that is because, well, yes, you guessed it- I didn’t wait long enough for the page to load. Sigh- this may be a long year 😀

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