Gelli Arts and Water Bottles

I had picked up a big powerful water spray bottle from Target, for use with painting and stamping. I wanted to try to use it, but I also wanted to test out some stencil and stamp designs I have been working on. Of course, I love using stencils and stamps with Gelli Arts, so I veered that way. I pulled out my paints and Gelli Arts Printing Plate, and started making some prints with my stencils. But then I decided to give that water bottle a try too.

The results were pretty fun, and I merrily played for the better part of an hour going through quite a bundle of paper ;-).

Here are some of the prints I made…

Gelli Arts Print Stencil No Water Spray

Gelli Arts Print with Stencil- No Water Spray


I like the way the paint diffused when spritzed with water….

Gelli Arts Print Stencil diffused with Water Spray

Gelli Arts Print with Stencil- with Water Spray


Here the background is a Gelli Arts print using the water bottle, and I added the bird shadow in Photoshop…

Gelli Arts Print Stencil diffused with Water Spray

Gelli Arts Printing Plate Storm Clouds


I have a few more that I would like to play with in Photoshop, so I will work on those over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


    What is that stencil?

    Sorry so late in responding- that was a stencil I cut myself. I am working on some more posts about cutting stencils on the Silhouette, but you could also cut stencils by hand. I use a different type of paper that is clay coated. I talk about it in this post here- .

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