Tonic as Stamp Positioner

Tonic Stamp Platform as a Positioner

If you have a stamp platform like the Tonic, then you know what a lovely addition it is to stamping! You can stamp multiple times if you miss a spot, etc. It is easiest if you leave the stamp and paper in the same spot as you continue your project. But a lot of times that isn’t possible, or you may decide later that you need to re-stamp. Then what?

Usually I use a stamp positioner like the Stamp-a-majig, which I’m not sure they even make any more! So I modified my platform to make it work more like the old positioner. I taped a piece of acetate to the bottom of the platform. I also made some 2 sided (repositionable) sticky paper using my Zig Glue pen and stuck that to the platform base to hold my cardstock steady. I place my stamp on the top part of the platform and flip the acetate up. I stamp onto the acetate. Then I line up my stamped image with my piece I need to re-stamp. This is easier said than done sometimes haha. This is fiddly so just take your time. Holding the cardstock against the acetate I lay them both down so that the cardstock sticks to the sticky paper on the platform. Then I flip the acetate away, re-ink the stamp and stamp away!

Here is the video showing and explaining my process. You can see the little bit of fiddling that it sometimes takes to line up (especially with a camera in the way 😉 . Enjoy!

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