Resin on Yupo Paper with Silicone Molding Putty

Yupo Paper for Silicone Molds and 2 piece Molds

Hello all! I have posted earlier abut using Yupo (and regular) paper cutouts to press designs into clay. I also took it a step further and covered the cutouts with resin (here and here) to give it a more rounded appearance so that the clay impression didn’t look so flat. In this experiment, I show how I use those resin coated cutouts to press into 2 part silicone molding putty to create my own molds. In this video I skip the part about covering the cutouts with resin because I covered that in the 2 previous posts indicated above. I do show quickly how to mix the silicone molding putty, but I do have other posts where I cover that as well- for example here and here.

The first part of the video shows the process of using the resin coated cutout with the silicone molding putty. While waiting on the molding putty to cure, I also show another idea for using botanicals with and without paper cutouts to make molds. Finally, I do run into some snags with cutout the items and so I also include 2 trys at fixing them. One works and one doesn’t, haha.


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