Edging Paper with Ink

Happy Monday! I started blogging and doing youTube videos for my Mom and friends who couldn’t remember how to do certain techniques or wanted other ideas when they were just starting out stamping. I have morphed in multiple different avenues of the mixed-media world, but I still love stamping. And true to my original reason for starting this space, I am posting today to help my Mom understand what I was trying to explain over the phone. She is 90 years old and still going strong, so this one is for you Mom!!

This is just a quick How-to on edging paper with ink. I like to use this technique to visually “lift” a paper shape off another piece of paper- especially if the paper is the same color. You could use dimensional glue dots or something similar to physically lift the top shape off the base layer of paper, but edging the top shape allows your eye to more easily see the shape- especially when using the same color cardstock as in the white on white example I was using. Sometimes you may want to leave it un-edged to give an almost embossed look, but sometimes the top piece may get lost, and in that case, edging with ink is a great solution.

There are multiple things you can use to apply the ink, and in the video I show using a sponge, a dauber, and a piece of denser foam (I actually use a makeup sponge in the demonstration).

You can dip whatever you are using (could even be paper towels or regular towels, a piece of fabric, whatever if you don’t have any of the materials I use in the demo) in the ink and either pull it across the paper from off the edge and pull in or start from inside the paper and pull off the edge. It is up to your preference which you like better, but my preference is to pull the inked foam from off the paper and feather the ink into the paper. You can see the two alternatives in the video. In either case you should use a scrap piece of paper underneath.

You can use whatever stamping ink pad you like. It can be dye or pigment or even solvent pads. Pigment ink pads take a bit longer to dry, so just be aware of that. You can also do this with Versamark or another pigment ink and sprinkle embossing powder over it and then heat set it for a different look.

So here is the demo- give it a try! Enjoy!

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